This quote is from my sweet friend, Tonya’s blog over at The Virtuous Wife. She wrote a post titled “Sheer Genius….and Its Mom” and this quote really hit home.

“God gives some peo­ple eyes to see things dif­fer­ently than we do. Do we fight that or embrace it? Why do I strug­gle with this con­cept? Why do I rein them in when they are think­ing of unique ways of tack­ling a project or a prob­lem? I think I am try­ing to save them from mak­ing mis­takes and wast­ing time. Or from being seen as silly or unusual. But, it is in the dif­fer­ent that our imag­i­na­tions are cap­ti­vated. Bril­liant minds do things dif­fer­ently than the sta­tus quo.”

I have a son who is exactly like this. Tristen thinks differently than anyone else I know. He sees the world differently, not in a bad way, just different. It is a HUGE learning curve for me to be patient and kind, when I want things done NOW and my way. Oh, how God uses our children for our own sanctification. Though, I couldn’t ask for a better way to come closer to the Lord than through my children.

Make sure you go and read Tonya’s post “Sheer Genius….and Its Mom“.